Saturday, December 31, 2005

Best sledding, tubing and tobogganing spots near Seattle

Turns out, if we want lots of traffic, we should be writing about playing in the snow. We've been away on holiday for a week and not posting -- but a lot of you still visited the blog after searching for "sledding seattle" on Google.

We have a nifty little post about sledding without leaving Seattle. But we're guessing that when some of you search for "sledding seattle," you're actually looking for "sledding NEAR seattle."

Unfortunately, the Google results for the "near" search don't yield much useful info. So, here are some good links for those of you planning a drive into the mountains:

Seattle PI: Playgrounds for snow sports
Comprehensive listing with good info about what you'll find and how to find it but dated info so caveat emptor. Includes the map graphic you see on this post.

WA State Non-motorized Sno-Parks database

Sno-Parks usually are good prospects for easy access to snowy hills

Tacoma News Tribune: Pumped up on tubing
Focuses more on south part of state

Hammerhead Sleds Sled-Hill Database
High-performance sledding company maintains state-by-state listings of good hills to take a ride on its product


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